Most of these videos (and playlists) are related to observability, but some may also include topics of DevOps, SRE, on-call, etc.

If you have a past observability-related event you’d like us to list here, please contact us.


2020-04-10: Observe 20/20 VIRTUALVideos on Youtube

2020-04-21: Failover ConfVideos on Youtube

2020-05-19: CMG Monitoring and ObservabilityVideos

2020-05-27: Open Observability ConfVideos on Youtube

2020-08-11: Dash ConferenceVideos on Youtube

2020-10-26: ObservabilityCONGated Video

2020-11-17: OTel Community Day (CNCF)Videos on Youtube


2019-06-06: Systems @ScaleVideos

2019-07-17: Velocity: Monitoring, Observability, PerformanceYoutube

2019-10-21: Monitorama BaltimoreVimeo

2019-11-18: Observability Practitioners Summit (CNCF) – no longer exists


2018-08-07: o11yconVideos on Youtube

2018-09-04: Monitorama AmsterdamVimeo

2018-10-01: Velocity: Monitoring, Observability, PerformanceYoutube